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Egg on all their faces

CanuckGrrl: I found this story about a little Scottish girl with her school dinners blog immensely cheering, for so many reasons. If you read her posts, she rates many of her school meals quite highly, so one wonders what the fuss was about. The council have since backed down on their attempt to muzzle her - what in the name of God were they thinking? Her blog is worth a visit just to watch the counter ticking over! Well done, little Veg.

airy: What a lovely blog and how nice to see a child in the news who is articulate, curious and who writes so well. Her fundraising has gone through the roof today!

mossop: Hear hear, isn't she fantastic!

CanuckGrrl: And not only that, she's doing it all for charity. Without even realising it, she's managed to tick every capacity box. Way to go, Martha!

Elle333: Mmm, just wondering why a child has a mobile phone with her. At the primary school I work in, ALL pupils hand their mobile phones into the school office at the beginning of each day.

Flyonthewall75: As I understand it, the child had permission to take the photographs of her school dinners and provide a balanced feedback on her blog. She was, in the supposed spirit of CfE, a confident individual, a successful learner, an effective contributor and a responsible citizen.

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