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The latest chat from the TES Scotland forums

The latest chat from the TES Scotland forums

Supply pay for part-days

Si N. Tiffick: I wonder if anyone can advise. Until recently, supply teachers in the two authorities I work in have been paid 2.8 hours for an afternoon; 7 hours for a full day. But this session, I've had to fight with secretaries who insist we should be paid for contact time only: two hours for an afternoon; five hours for a full day. To my knowledge, our terms of service haven't yet been changed, but schools say they have. Can anyone point me to where in the SNCT docs it tells me what I should be paid for part-days? It seems to me that since the SNCT rules apply to all teachers, part-time or not, we should be paid for seven hours a day and pro rata within that.

triadplus1: You are right. Nicely acknowledge that their understanding is of what councils want to do, but until then, current SNCT regulations apply. Point them to SNCT part 2, section 3.3.

piglet171: Which council? I have always been paid seven hours, or amounts that add up to seven, but Perth and Kinross has an extremely weird way of filling in its forms and they look as if a lot depends on contact time.

Si N. Tiffick: Renfrewshire and Inverclyde - have had the same problem with North Ayrshire this year, too. I've never had this problem before this year. Now they all seem to be at it! then Forums, Pay and conditions.

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