The class book review: Matt Millz

Harry Hill’s story of ‘the world’s youngest comedian’ will appeal to key stage 2 readers

Jo Clarke

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Matt Millz
By Harry Hill
Illustrated by Steve May
Faber & Faber
368 pages
£10.99, hardback
ISBN: 9780571338542

You know that Matt Millz is bound to be entertaining, because it is written by the outrageously funny comedian Harry Hill.

But this story is more than a package of pure comedy. It’s also more than a story about a boy who wants to be funny. Instead, in truth, it’s a story about having a dream, doing whatever is necessary to achieve your goal and never giving up.

Meet Matt, who just loves stand-up. He spends hours studying the very best comedians and writing new gags in a quest to emulate their success. So when his school runs a talent contest, surely this is the perfect opportunity for him to achieve world domination – well, on the comedy circuit, at least. Unfortunately for him, life isn’t always that simple. Matt is beset with numerous obstacles blocking his path to stardom.

Harry Hill has managed to create a story that is brilliantly humorous, but at the same time manages to be packed full of heart and emotion. Matt’s struggle to achieve his ambition in life is incredibly frustrating, but on the way he learns what it really takes to be funny.

The genuinely likeable – and sometimes unlikeable – cast of characters gives this story a real warmth and depth.

I have a soft spot for Kitty, Matt’s manager, who makes up for in personality what she lacks in stature: “Though she be but little, she is fierce,” as Shakespeare wrote.

Steve May’s witty and observant illustrations capture perfectly this hilarious, energetic and entertaining read. I’m a huge fan of illustrations in books for older readers: they allow the child to develop their imagination and stop them feeling overwhelmed by page after page of words.

Matt Millz will appeal to key stage 2 readers who are looking for more than just laughs.

Jo Clarke is school librarian at Whitchurch Church of England Primary in Hampshire. She writes a book blog ( and tweets @bookloverJo

Pupil reviews

Unleashing the power of comedy

‘I was thrilled’

This book is brilliant and hilarious because there are lots of funny jokes. I was thrilled and I couldn’t put it down because I wanted to know what Matt did next. I think the characters are great. This is one of the best books I’ve read.

Thomas, aged 10

‘Made me laugh out loud’

Matt Millz is following his dream to be a stand-up comedian. With help from his best friend, Rob, the dream is slowly coming true.

Matt is a believable character with an incredible talent to make people laugh, but at the same time he is an ordinary boy with a big dream. This book made me laugh out loud with the almighty power of comedy.

Bo, aged 10

‘Left me in stitches’

This book contains all of Harry Hill’s best laughs and funny celebrity name changes.

Some bits left me in stitches, they were so funny. A very good book for comedy-loving nine- to 12-year-olds.

Griff, aged 10

‘Full of slapstick humour’

I found this book hilarious, because of all the funny jokes.

This book is about a boy called Matt Millz who really wants to be a stand-up comedian, but he has only done two gigs – one at his school and the other at an old people’s home. But when he meets his new manager, things start to change…

Full of slapstick humour, this book is perfect for people who love comedy. Appropriate for children over the age of 8, Matt Millz will keep you smiling for days on end.

Aiden, aged 10

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