Could Cambridge Technicals and Nationals be delayed

Exam board OCR is surveying the college sector following Ofqual's consultation on the timing of GCSE and A level exams

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Should Cambridge Nationals and Cambridge Technicals take place later next year?

Exam board OCR is surveying the college sector on whether Cambridge Nationals and Cambridge Technicals should take place later next year as a result of the coronavirus pandemic.

The online survey follows a consultation by Ofqual into the timing of A level and GCSE qualifications, after the exams had to be cancelled this year and learners lost out on months of face-to-face teaching. Earlier this month, schools minister Nick Gibb told BBC Breakfast that the government would make a decision "very soon" on whether or not exams would be delayed.

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The survey from OCR said the organisation would like to find out "what your views are on changing the dates of the Cambridge Nationals and Cambridge Technicals moderation and examination 2021 timetable".


"Currently the Cambridge Nationals and Technicals examination window for 2021 is due to run from 14 May 2021 to 28 June 2021. The current moderation window for Cambridge Nationals closes on 15 May and for Cambridge Technicals they must be moderated by 30 June 2021."

A spokesperson for OCR said: "It’s important to remember vocational qualifications as well as GCSEs and A Levels in the debates about changes to the exam timetable next summer. We’re asking schools and colleges who offer our Cambridge Nationals and Cambridge Technicals vocational qualifications what they think.”

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