Cross-curricular - From war to body basics

What is it?

In these Teachers TV videos, aimed at key stage 2 (P4-7) pupils, teachers demonstrate and discuss a variety of cross-curricular projects.

Getting started

The lessons include designing bags in ICT using CAD software, writing an advert for a bag and how to "Reduce, Reuse and Recycle". The teaching of the Second World War is enriched in lessons which embrace drama, literacy and design and technology. A lesson on "Science, Data Logging and Poetry" shows how the creative curriculum can be used to teach pupils literacy, science and ICT through activities which are both fun and engaging. And teachers demonstrate how, through using music and performance, pupils can be taught maths, science and literacy. For example, the well-known song "Them bones, them bones, them dry bones" produces a musical melody, but it is also a memorable way of getting pupils to understand the structure of the body - "the shin bone's connected to the ankle bone."

Taking it further

A series of lesson ideas in primary English, maths and science is available from Teachers TV videos to back up these cross-curricular topics. From radio broadcasts to story development in English, from elastic shape experiments to estimating the volume of puddles in maths, and from electrical circuits for games and modelling to showing how light travels in science - these ensure that the topic work is well-grounded through the individual subjects.

Where to find it

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