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EU propaganda in schools

I watched with horror a video on the European Commission website, in which a clear attempt to disseminate EU propaganda was described. To quote the woman on the video: "We will never succeed in convincing people about the value of being a member of the EU if we do not start early enough with the young people, before they form prejudices and are misinformed by other sources."

Already, she says, some teachers in primary schools have found the propaganda material "useful" and there were leaflets for primary and secondary schools, some even including lesson plans. I am appalled that any school teacher would pass on this partisan political misinformation. We are forbidden by law to promote political ideology. During elections, many pupils ask their teachers who they are going to vote for and we have to dodge that question; yet here is a political institution openly offering propaganda for the cripplingly undemocratic EU and having it taken up.

Just look back in 20th-century history for other examples of how undemocratic governments have brainwashed the young. The parallels are chilling.

Tom Trust, Redruth, Cornwall.

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