FE funding a 'priority', says Boris Johnson

The new prime minister has said it is 'vital we invest now in further education and skills' 

Boris Johnson has said funding for FE will be a government priority

Boris Johnson has told parliament more funding for the further education sector will be a "priority" of his government. Responding to a question from former skills minister Anne Milton, who resigned on Tuesday, Mr Johnson told parliament today she was "absolutely right to raise the issue of further education and skills and indeed I had a long discussion on that very theme last night with the new education secretary, and that is going to be a priority of this government". 

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'Cash they desperately need'

Ms Milton asked whether he agreed that while money for schools was "very welcome", further education and apprenticeships are "probably the best enabler of social mobility, giving people a second or third chance, and will he make sure that both apprenticeships and further education have the cash that they desperately need". 

Mr Johnson said he wanted to "pay tribute to all the work" Ms Milton had done for the sector. He added: "Yes, it is a great thing that 50 per cent of our kids should have the ambition to go to university, but of course it is equally important that other kids should acquire the skills they need that can be just as valuable, can lead to just as fantastic a career, and it is vital we invest now in further education and skills". 


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