Five songs to get your after-Sats party started

The end of Sats week is in sight, so Aidan Severs offers some tunes to reflect your mood when the tests are over

Aidan Severs

End of Sats week celebration: five tunes to capture the mood

Everything needs a playlist, right? And the end of Sats should be no exception.

Get these tunes pumping on your stereo and let us know what else you’ll be adding into the mix!

1. Green Day – Good Riddance (Time of Your Life)

We started off the week saying “So, make the best of this test and don't ask why. It's not a question, but a lesson learned in time.” And we should end it by reminding the children, and ourselves, that “It's something unpredictable, but in the end it's right.”

Let’s not forget, when that final assembly comes around in July, we’ll then be saying, “I hope you had the time of your life” – now the Sats are over, we just have to make sure that pupils leave feeling like they have had the time of their lives.

2. Panic! At The Disco – Hey Look Ma, I Made It

“Hey look Ma, I made it, Everything's comin' up aces.”

It’s time to celebrate all the successes of the year before those results come in. All those achievements, all the progress that might not be reflected by the pass/fail nature of Sats.

You can even just rejoice in the fact that the Sats are over – that you and the children made it through in one piece, as you always knew you would.

3. The Beatles – Here Comes The Sun

Ah, Sats week – that week of shining yellow, bright greens, brilliant blue skies and being stuck inside slaving over tests.

That final maths paper heralds a new era – the joys of play practice, epic afternoons of rounders, overheated classrooms and sunshine so blinding that no one can see the interactive whiteboard.

“Here comes the sun, and I say, It's all right.”

4. Bill Withers – Lovely Day

I’m taking all liberties here and including a second proper summer jam.

Friday morning, when Year 6 teachers the country over wake up, it should be this song that they whistle in the shower: “And I know it's gonna be a lovely day.”

It should certainly be this song they’re singing full blast on Saturday morning.

5. Florence + The Machine – Moderation

Sorry to bring this up, but some of you wonderful Year 6 teachers are going to be hit with the writing moderation stick.

So fire up those creative juices and get those last few bits of writing in. Try your level best to work out what on earth constitutes independent writing, be honest and stick to your guns.

Aidan Severs is a deputy head at a primary school in the North of England. He tweets @thatboycanteach

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