Five things teachers pledge to do in the holidays

It’s easy to overpromise in the first week of the holidays, admits this ITT lead. Here are some of his best intentions

Chris Powell

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In the excitement of these first days of glorious freedom, it's easy to fall into the trap of believing that you will devote these six school-free weeks to admirable pursuits. Here are five pledges that might sound familiar:

  1. I will read 

    This summer I will make a sizeable dent in the tower of books on my bedside table. I’ll take them out into the garden and read them in the sun. That's providing the novel act of sitting still for five minutes doesn’t immediately send me to sleep, of course.

  2. I will visit friends 

    This summer I will drive around the country, visiting all the pals I haven’t seen for ages. Only, they belong to the alien non-teaching world and are still at work. So that just leaves weekends. And it seems a crime to give up a marking-free weekend…

  3. I will get fit 

    Oh yes, this is the summer I’ll finally get a flat stomach. Free of the pressures of planning, there's nothing stopping me from going for a run three times a week. I definitely won’t be slumped on the sofa watching infomercials about the "Ab-cruncher-wonder-core-muscles-everywhere" machine. Nope, definitely not this year.

  4. I will do DIY

    This summer I’m going to sort the lawn out so it looks like something the chief groundsman at Wimbledon would be proud of. Then it’s inside to attend to those loose handles, that poorly hung door and the chipped paintwork. If only I could find my toolbox...

  5. I will get organised 

    This summer, I’m going to make sure I’m ready for September. I’m going to have every different coloured highlighter you can imagine. I’ll have a week-view and a day-view diary. Everything will be laminated. I’ll make the trip to the stationery shop tomorrow. Or maybe the day after. Or failing that, next week…Yes, absolutely next week.

Chris Powell was talking to Nicola Davison. He is a geography teacher and ITT lead at Parmiter's School in Hertfordshire

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Chris Powell

Chris Powell is a geography teacher and head of year at Parmiter's School, Hertfordshire

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