Learn to learn: a video series teaching pupils how to learn

Professor Barbara Oakley has produced a series of videos that teachers are playing for pupils all over the world

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Learn how to learn holding

Professor Barbara Oakley has big classes. As big as you can get, really. That’s because she has produced the most popular massive open online course in the world: she can call more than two million people her students. 

The course teaches people how to learn: what happens in the brain, what effective learning looks like and how we can learn more effectively.

Discovering how to learn

In a series of videos, with neuroscientist Professor Terry Sejnowski, Oakley explains working memory, attentional focus, how long-term memory works and more.

The idea is that pupils can watch these videos themselves or that teachers can play them to their students.

Oakley has been kind enough to share these videos with Tes. There are 15 chapters, and you can get to them all below:

  1. Learn how to learn: why we need study breaks 

  2. Learn how to learn: beating procrastination 

  3. Learn how to learn: how to get pupils to practise 

  4. Learn how to learn: what pupils need to know about the learning brain 

  5. Learn to learn: why sleep is crucial for learning 

  6. Learn to learn: how to reuse old learning to speed up new learning 

  7. Learn to learn: the power of recall 

  8. Learn to learn: why you should know about the attentional octopus 

  9. Learn to learn: creating a memory palace 

  10. Learn to learn: making links is the key to lasting knowledge 

  11. Learn to learn: avoiding mental overload 

  12. Learn to learn: why exercise helps with learning 

  13. Learn to learn: slower learning can be better learning

  14. Learn to learn: tips for the test

  15. Learn to learn: three habits of successful learners 

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