Long read: The battle for the soul of RE

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Many RE teachers want to see their subject cover all the -isms, from Hinduism to humanism. Others, however, argue that the subject is for study of the scriptures. As the RE Commission compiles its recommendations for the subject, battle lines are drawn
Adi Bloom 17 Mar 2018

Need to know: What is the faith-school cap?

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Damian Hinds has said that he is in favour of abolishing the cap on faith-schools' freedom to select pupils on the basis of religion. But what does this actually mean?
Adi Bloom 26 Feb 2018

How to teach primary pupils about tolerance

A composite of different faces - identity racism race religion
All teachers have a responsibility to teach tolerance as a core British value. One teacher explains how she uses images to make it work in her classroom
Saima Saleh 2 Oct 2020
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