Four ways to support girls with autism

One teacher reflects on the support she received at school after being diagnosed with cancer

Girls with autism may be good at mimicking neurotypical behaviour to mask their difficulties, but that doesn't mean that they don't still need support, says Sendco Gemma Corby

Gemma Corby
27 Mar 2018

Suffering in silence

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There is a special educational need more prevalent than autism – one that is likely to impact on children in every school. But very few teachers have heard of it and even fewer know how to help. Adi Bloom investigates developmental language disorder: the most common special educational need you have never heard of

Adi Bloom
2 Feb 2018

What every teacher needs to know about memory

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World-renowned memory researchers Robert and Elizabeth Bjork explain how to match teaching to what we know about how memory works, and why linking learning to a student's interests and group work is key

Tes Editorial
22 Jan 2018
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