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Jordanhill facts

From John Arbuthnott and Tom Bone

The principal of Moray House Institute was reported as saying that Jordanhill College's decision to merge with Strathclyde "had resulted from Jordanhill's financial problems" (TESS, October 25). This is incorrect. It was only well after the merger was proposed and negotiated that it became clear Jordanhill's financial position was not as strong as it previously had been.

The problem was quickly overcome and Strathclyde's Faculty of Education has been able first to establish itself and then to operate, without any subsidy from the rest of higher education in Scotland. By contrast, Moray House has in the same period required Pounds 700,000 special financial assistance from the Scottish Higher Education Funding Council under its safety-netting provisions. We gather that it is looking for further support from the council to make possible its merger with Edinburgh University.

We were in fact motivated to pursue merger by the desire to build teaching and research links between education and other faculties and to establish innovative degree schemes, all to strengthen Scottish teacher education. On the basis of three years' experience we can say that such hopes are realistic and achievable and we wish Moray House and Edinburgh University every success in following suit.

JOHN ARBUTHNOTT Principal, Strathclyde University TOM BONE Principal, Jordanhill College of Education (1972-1992).

The comment to which Professor Arbuthnott and Professor Bone take exception was not made by Professor Kirk but by us - Editor.

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