'Major reform of technical education' features in Queen's Speech

Establishing T levels is one of only two education policies referred to in a slimmed-down speech by the Queen in the House of Lords

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"Major reform of technical education" has been highlighted in the Queen's Speech in Parliament today.

Speaking in the House of Lords, the Queen said her government would ensure that people would “have the skills they need” for high-skilled, well-paid jobs through “a major reform of technical education”.

This is expected to focus on the creation of T levels as a result of the Sainsbury review of technical education.

Planned investment 'welcome'

Her Majesty said: “My ministers will work to ensure people have the skills they need for the high-skilled, high-waged jobs of the future, including through a major reform of technical education.”

Geoff Barton, general secretary of the Association of School and College Leaders, said: “The government’s planned investment in technical education is welcome. However, that commitment fails to do anything for the rest of post-16 education, which is extremely poorly funded, and where many courses are being cut.”

The only other explicit education commitment in the speech was to introduce a national funding formula for schools. There was no mention of Conservative manifesto plans for new grammar schools, or for scrapping free school meals for all infants.

Institutes of technology

Background notes on the speech published by the government also reiterate its plans to create institutes of technology "to enable more young people to take advanced technical qualifications and become key institutions for the development of the skills required by local, national and regional industry". It will also "continue to create millions of apprenticeships and to ensure that they are of high quality, so that employers get access to the skills they need", and "work towards making it easier for young people to take technical and vocational routes".

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