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Maths - On the podium


TES Resources user Kentishman has uploaded enough maths resources to bring a little bit of the Olympics to every lesson from now until the end of term. His most popular resources - London 2012 Olympics Maths, parts 1, 2 and 3 - include 31 different Olympic-themed activities, such as:

- Percentage of a number: pupils consider Olympic winners from 2008 and puzzle over a series of tasks including what percentage of gold medals China, Russia, the UK and the US won in the Games.

- Stadium construction: pupils must consider how far they could travel in 24 hours if they left an Olympic Stadium seat at 10.30pm. Then they must work out how many days the stadium took to construct.

Why are they useful?

Pupils are encouraged to consider the importance of mathematics to the Olympics, from planning itineraries and understanding scoreboards to the volume of different metals in each medal and the dimensions of an athletics track.

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