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Summer sums

Projects, mysteries and quizzes have been brought together by TES maths adviser Craig Barton and the TES maths panel in this summer maths collection.

What is it?

Ten resources to keep pupils smiling and enthused as the summer term comes to an end, including:

Property tycoon. A game that tests accountancy, memory and team-working skills. Make a simple multi-link cube building and hide it. Split the class into groups, each with an architect, an engineer, a builder and an accountant. Give each group pound;1,000 of Monopoly money. The architect looks at the building and tells the engineer, from memory, what bricks to buy. Each brick costs pound;100. Then they tell the builder how to build it. Every time the architect wants to see the building they must pay pound;50 - the accountant keeps track of the money. The winning team is the one that builds the building closest to plan, on the tightest budget.

Maths pub quiz. All the fun of a quiz at your local, without the alcohol. Thirty questions and a picture round test pupils' knowledge of famous mathematicians and number facts. How many disciples did Jesus have? How many Olympic rings are there? Harder questions test mental maths.

Olympic maths mysteries. Armed with a number of Olympic facts and statistics, pupils must work out who is the best athlete, how many hotels will be needed for visitors, and how much one Olympic torch is worth.

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