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Our time is nearly up to change curriculum

I am disgusted by Professor Green's comments about maths teaching in primary schools ("Less 'drudgery', more 'glamour': Stephen Hawking's successor demands changes to formula for maths and physics teaching", 25 March).

As a deputy head in a primary school who loves teaching maths for the enjoyment it brings to children, I am disappointed and insulted by his comments. Where is his evidence?

Primary schools like mine spend so long engendering a love of maths in children because we understand the link between enjoyment and lifelong learning. We believe his comments are in line with this Government's "five o'clock thoughts" - spoken without thought, then recanted at leisure.

I find it appalling that someone in such a position is allowed to make such blanket and ridiculous comments. I would be pleased to hear from Professor Green and would love to accommodate him for a school visit.

Steven Allday, London.

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