£12m needed to establish College of Teaching by 2019

Almost £12 million will be needed to get a College of Teaching up and running by 2019, according to new proposals.

The plans have been drawn up by the Claim Your College coalition, made up of representatives from across the sector, including the Prince’s Teaching Institute, the current College of Teachers, the Teacher Development Trust and the SSAT.

The blueprint estimates that average membership fees would initially be £70 per year, and anticipates that 50,000 members would have signed up within four years. At this point, under the proposals, a scheme for full chartered membership of the college would launch.

If the project were to be approved by the Department for Education, the Claim Your College coalition’s plans indicate that £11.9 million in “seed funding” would be needed in the first five years to get the project off the ground.

Talks with “a range of charitable and philanthropic sources” are ongoing, and a crowd-funding platform would also be launched.

The proposals also reveal that the college would set out and accredit standards of professional practice expected of teachers in the first five to 10 years of their careers. "These standards will be developed from the ground up and be evidence-informed, rigorous and aspirational," the document says.

Teachers who achieved these standards would achieve chartered status and potentially become fellows of the college.

Although chartered membership would be available only to classroom teachers, Claim Your College proposes that anyone “with an interest in education” should be able to join in some capacity, in order to allow membership to grow as “quickly as possible”.

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