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Free guide for parents and sixth-formers published by Gabbitas Thring which covers: how confirmation and clearing work and where to find course vacancies; advice for students with "near misses", grades too low, or better than expected; alternative routes such as Higher National Diploma and Foundation courses; and how Gabbitas can help with free advice on independent tutorial colleges for retake students, careers assessment service and the like. Send A4A5 SAE to Gabbitas Educational Consultants, Carrington House, 126-130 Regent Street, London W1R 6EE.

HOW TO COPE WITH THE STRESS OF STUDENT LIFE This survival guide, published by mental health charity, MIND, for students starting university or college in the autumn, covers: leaving home, managing a limited budget, finding accommodation, planning your study workload, setting priorities, what to do if the work gets too much or you feel you have chosen the wrong course. Pounds 1 plus an A5 30p SAE from MIND Publications, 15-19 Broadway, Stratford, London E15 4BQ.

STEPFAMILY MATTERS Information bulletin, funded by the Nuffield Foundation, aimed at professionals in education, health and finance, the helping professions and researchers. The first issue features contributions from family therapist, Susie Orbach, and John Bowis MP, health minister. Initially, it will be published twice a year. Subscription enquiries: Pam Bingham, 0171 209 2460.

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