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Dance for All 2; Dance for All 3. Books which answer the why? what? and how? questions of teaching dance is how these books for key stages 2 and 3 are described. They are aimed at both the specialist and non-specialist. Pounds 12.99 each. David Fulton Publishers, 2 Barbon Close, Great Ormond Street, London WC1N 3JX. Tel: 0171 405 5606.

Golden Sound Story with Braille: Little Stevie Wonder in Places under the Sun. This book, which emits noises and music at the touch of a button, also comes with an imprinted Braille script. For children aged three and older it tells the story of Little Stevie's visit to Japan. Pounds 10.99 from bookshops in August.

The Poetry Pack. Teachers often find it hard to make poetry interesting, accessible and enjoyable. This photocopiable pack for both GCSE and A-level offers activities and ideas to help them. Pounds 39.50. Available from NATE, 50 Broadfield Road, Sheffield S8 OXJ. Further information from English and Media Centre, 136 Chalton Street, London NW1 1RX. Tel: 0171 383 0488.

Cairo: Four Children and Their City. Cairo is the largest city in Africa and the middle East, a place where the distant past and present co-exist and it has the familiar problems of a modern city. All good reasons for studying it. This video pack with photographs, maps, worksheets and teacher's book for 8 to 12-year-olds focuses on four children living in the city. Pounds 25.50. Oxfam, 274 Banbury Road, Oxford OX2 7DZ. Tel: 01865 311311.

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