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Hewlett Packard Omnibook XE2.

We have enough laptops for all Year 6 to have their own to use at school and home. These are leased by the school for three years.

DV Camera

Canon MV 500i (pound;499)


Starting at pound;659 for emac G4700 combi drive.

Oral history

Accounts taken from

Go to the oral history section and click on the collections link. This gives you the opportunity to search for accounts under a number of categories.

You do need to download Real Player but there is a link to enable you to do this on the site.

I searched and selected two links for each aspect the children were studying rather than giving them free rein. Make sure you listen to the clips as not all are appropriate for primary pupils.

The clips download quickly with a broadband connection, but may need to be downloaded before the lesson and saved on the hard drive if you have a slower link.

To gain background knowledge, the children watched the videos of the How We Used to Live - All Change series from Channel 4 Education and Britain since 1948 from BBC Education.

PowerPoint was used to create the final presentation.

Sound Recorder is a standard accessories file on Windows machines. It records only a minute of sound at a time but this was enough. Check your machines have built-in microphones.

Video software

QuickTime Player is needed to play the interviews in PowerPoint when they have been converted from iMovie.

Jacqui Sinkins

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