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* The Health Development Agency (formerly the Health Education Authority) website ( includes information about the health benefits of exercise, current trends, government policy, and workplace health programmes. Also hosts the National Healthy School Standard, under which every LEA is working to help schools become healthier organisations.

Information about NHSS local co-ordinators is at

* The Department of Health ( has information on exercise referrals. NHS Direct ( provides self-help tips on taking physical exercise for health.

* The Department for Education and Skills Teachernet website ( has information about the Fitness to Teach rules - The Education (Teachers Qualifications and Health Standards) Regulations 1999.

* The Keep Fit Association ( Tel: 020 8692 9566.

* The Sport England ( "Get Active" campaign aims to get 70 per cent of the population doing 30 minutes of activity a day by 2020. Also, the source for details of individual sports governing bodies.

* The BBC's health website contains an excellent section on fitness (

* The British Heart Foundation National Centre for Physical Activity and Health ( produces resources aimed at promoting fitness, including "Workplace Health Activity Toolkit".

* The Walking the Way to Health Initiative ( promotes walking as "the ideal form of exercise" and aims to get more people walking in their own communities.

* Netfit ( is a website run by experienced fitness fanatics (ex-Royal Marines among them) that includes more than 200 exercises, fitness tests, workouts for more than 30 sports and every part of the body, advice about every aspect of fitness, and tips from top sportsmen and women.

* Exercise Alliance (www.exercisealliance. is a Leicestershire-based organisation with information about physical activity.

* The National Register of Personal Trainers ( works with the government-backed register of exercise professionals to provide "qualified, insured and experienced UK personal trainers".

* Fitness Online ( has information, activities and advice.

* The American College of Sports Medicine ( offers information sheets on everything from "alcohol and athletic performance" to "eating disorders", "exercise during pregnancy" and "youth strength training".

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