Sats: What are the KS1 threshold scores?

The scores needed to reach the expected standard in the KS1 Sats were released today

Helen Ward


The scores needed to meet the expected standard in the key stage 1 Sats were released today.

The tests in reading, maths and an optional test in spelling, punctuation and grammar (Spag) were taken by around 600,000 six- and seven-year-olds during May.

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The tests are marked in schools. The test scores are not reported but are used to inform teacher assessments which are reported.

The reading and Spag tests have a total of 40 marks; the maths test has a total of 60 marks.

But the marks are then converted to “scaled scores” using tables released by the Standards and Testing Agency.

The scaled scores range from 85 to 115, where 100 denotes the expected standard.

The tables show the marks needed to get a scaled score of 100 and so meet the expected standard. These were:

* Reading: 25 marks

* Maths: 34 marks

* Spelling, punctuation and grammar: 24 marks

The mark needed to reach the expected standard is the same for reading and Spag as it was in 2018, but last year pupils needed 36 marks in maths to reach the expected standard.

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