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Schools trained us superbly

"School training fails new recruits" and "Keeping it in-house" were two recent articles in The TES highlighting the supposed experience of Graduate Teacher Programme trainees.

At Beauchamp college in Leicestershire, where we and 14 others are training, we have found none of the criticisms cited and were angered at the limited coverage given to those schools providing excellent training.

We have taught lessons varying from support groups in Year 10 to academically demanding Year 13 pupils and also spend one day a week at a key stage 3 school. Each week we have one-to-one meetings with our mentors, who observe us in order to discuss our progress and set new challenges.

We also have well-stocked libraries, internet resources, schemes of work, helpful, experienced teachers, and two advanced-skills teachers - all within the English department - to assist us.

We also have weekly training sessions organised by the school GTP co-ordinator. Topics covered include gender differentiation, voice projection and managing disruptive behaviour, to name just a few. Our training has been demanding but also enjoyable and illuminating. We would unhesitatingly recommend it.

Charlotte Gregory and Helen Foster

The Beauchamp college

Ridgeway, Oadby, Leicester

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