Science centre stage at the incredible sett

Douglas Blane

Scotland's annual ICT conference is continuing to broaden its horizons, writes Douglas Blane

The Incredible Hulk does not attend many educational events - but then there aren't many events like the Scottish Education and Teaching with Technology (SETT) show which, like the Hulk, just keeps on growing.

This year, for the first time, the show is offering 130 seminars on ICT in education in 13 different "pathways" as part of its varied science programme. Some 24 seminars will explore interactive voting, concept cartoons, formative assessment, resources from TV fiction and online events such as Ticket to Space.

For more information see careersscotlandwebsiteNews1606ticketspace.asp for details.

The Scottish Schools Equipment Research Centre (SSERC), a major player in continuing professional development in science and online resources, will present "an eclectic and occasionally eccentric" look at colour, lasers and biofluorescence.

"Which is where the Hulk comes in," says the centre's director John Richardson. "He's a genetically modified organism (GMO) that contains gene sequences from a jellyfish. One of our practicals will use a real GMO with the real jellyfish gene which codes for a fluorescent green protein."

The Scottish Space Foundation will demonstrate the use of NASA astronauts and online resources to inspire and motivate.

"I used to teach and I'm fascinated by the way education changes lives," said space shuttle commander Terry Wilcutt at a recent Space Foundation event.

"The kids think we've always been astronauts. But I tell them I come from a town in Kentucky that was so small our school was just a room with one teacher and a pot-bellied stove."

Among 100 exhibitors demonstrating the latest hardware, software, online resources and multimedia solutions, the focal point will be the Scottish Education Village, where visitors can take part in 50 taster sessions featuring new resources and demonstrations by pupils and teachers.

SETT is the essential ICT event for Scottish teachers, but it is casting its net further afield. The organisers, Learning and Teaching Scotland, said: "We encourage practitioners and managers from other parts of the UK to come because of the breadth and depth of the conference, the generic nature of many of the sessions - and because it continues to be free to all."

The show will take place at the SECC and the Glasgow Science Centre on September 22-23. See

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Douglas Blane

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