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Under the microscope

Under the microscope

Big Picture magazines from the Wellcome Trust: cutting-edge science topics presented in an easy-read format.

These are a big plus for any science department teaching post-16 courses. The nine to 12-page publications are produced twice a year and cover cutting-edge scientific topics, mainly in biology and chemistry. They can be downloaded free from the Wellcome Trust website, although if you subscribe (again free) you will have the high-quality print versions posted to you - which includes large posters.

There are currently 15 magazines available, with titles such as Music, Mind and Medicine, Evolution, Genes, Genomes and Health, Drug Development, Obesity, Sex and Gender, How We Look, Thinking and Nanoscience. The corresponding webpages have additional online articles, activities and a curriculum-matching link.

The issue Health and Climate Change, for example, contains punchy Fast Fact sections, introduces Lovelock's Gaia hypothesis, analyses current climate change data, explains how to model global health and provides stories from people experiencing climate change.

See http:tinyurl.com6kplu8w

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