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Sinister bias of multi-choice test

CLASS is a struggle if you're a leftie at school.

At best you're in danger of under-achieving and at worst you might find your teacher tries to convert you to the right.

But now it seems left-handed children face another injustice: The Left-Handers Club says it has been inundated with calls from parents who say their children are at a disadvantage in multiple-choice tests.

Lauren Milsom, club organiser, explains: "The problem is that left-handed children are covering the text with their hand and their arm as they tick the boxes." Parents claim their children are losing marks because they take longer to work through the tests.

The club has even com across isolated cases where teachers have tried to get left-handers to write with their right hand.

The solution, says Ms Milsom, is to have tick-boxes down both sides of multiple-choice sheets.

But the powers-that-be are proving less than even-handed on the matter.

Ms Milsom says: "We spoke to one of the exam boards several times about this and didn't get anywhere. But we will be writing to them."

If this doesn't get anywhere, then the Government could face searching questions from an unlikely ally of the Lefties - honorary club member and left-handed Tory MP Peter Luff.

The club's website is at:

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