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Center for on-line addiction

Would your life be boring and empty if you could never go online again? Do you feel restless and moody when not surfing the web?

If the answer is yes, then make a beeline for this resource for online addicts. Whether you (or a friend of a friend) are a compulsive online gambler, have a fetish for online auctions, are addicted to adult chat rooms or put more effort into your cyber relationships than your real-life ones, this site could help you recognise the symptoms through a variety of Internet addiction tests.

The virtual clinic offers e-mail or telephone counselling (but it's not free and is based in the US). However, there is a free chat room if you simply want to talk to fellow addicts and get even more addicted.


Think Kellogg's - think wholesome, familiar, trustworthy" (or so the adman from Saatchi and Saatchi might say). This image is certainly reflected in the feel of its website.

If W K Kellogg (founder of the company) really was as strongly "committed to communications about health and nutrition" as the website says, he would have been proud of his company's online presence.

Scan this site for tips on weight control and get your facts straight on folic acid. The Nutrition Advisory Service gives suggestions for nutritional meals that won't pile on the calories and you can fill in a questionnaire to find out if you are eating enough fibre. E-mail the resident online nutritionist for advice and keep the kids occupied with the Cyberfun games.

Samantha Pandita-Gunawardena

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