Smooching in St Andrews

There are three things girls do not like their men to do, JoAnn Deak, the Ohio-based consultant, told secondary heads at their conference in St Andrews. That got the chaps and chapesses listening intently.

Brain research, Deak explained, shows that girls are indeed quite different from boys, as if we didn't know. Even girls' skin is far more sensitive, which rules out rough, passionate snogging. "Feather kisses only," Deak advised. Gentle caressing is also in favour.

The manner in which the Headteachers' Association of Scotland is embracing Peter Peacock's reforms suggests it is a quick learner in loving techniques.

Sadly, Deak did not have time for the other two female dislikes. One was to beware men in greying beards promising a light touch? And the other? Beware men in grey suits who argue that size does not matter that much. Class size, of course.

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