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Survival tactics

Fancy spending three months on a desert island inhabited by poisonous frogs and competitive humans, in an attempt to win pound;1 million on a TV gameshow? If so, it helps to be a teacher, according to Survivor finalist Susannah Moffat.

She almost won, and says it helped that she was used to working long hours and being creative with limited resources. Alarmingly, Susannah's last job was at an all-girls school in Kingston, west London: what on earth could she have achieved after a stint at a rough inner-city comprehensive?

There's a lesson here for the Teacher Training Agency. The current reality-TV craze means 150,000 people applied to take part in the unwholesome swamp better known as Big Brother. Persuade a small percentage of them that teacher training would improve their chances of winning (quietly ignoring English teacher Penny, the first evictee from Big Brother 2001) and, hey presto: recruitment problem solved.

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