Teddy bears' eBay picnic

Tes Editorial

Negotiations were continuing this week to release "the Khartoum One" - the teddy bear that landed teacher Gillian Gibbons in jail in Sudan which has since been stored in a police evidence locker.

But those wishing to buy their own Muhammed teddy can simply log on to eBay.

You need to be creative with your spelling to find them all, but persevere and you could soon be cuddling "Muhammad the Freedom Fighting Ninja Teddy Bear Teacher" - "wards off terrorists with his kung fu fighting song and dance. Batteries included."

Or perhaps you'd prefer our personal favourite, "Mohammed the Christian prayer bear", which comes in "prayerfully seasoned" condition. At a starting price of around pound;5, it could be a bargain Christmas present for one of your colleagues.

If you are looking to spend a bit more, there are two luxury options - at pound;10,600 and pound;25,000. Just be careful not to resell them at a higher price - you can get yourself into an awful lot of trouble for making a profit out of a bear.

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Tes Editorial

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