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THIS WEEK - 11-17 MAY 2013


A visit from the force

As Yoda would say: filmed in the UK, Star Wars will be. British fans awoke to the news that the next instalment in the series will be made in their fair land. Yippee! Or "Aaaaaggggh!", in the words of Chewbacca.


Mapping the mind

The brain: probably the only place you can't find on Google Maps. Not yet, at least. Researchers flocked to the 10th Annual World Congress of the Society for Brain Mapping and Therapeutics in Baltimore, US.


Look beyond the lobes

In more brain news, research revealed that human intelligence cannot be explained by the size of the frontal lobes - the cerebellum may play a key part, too. And you thought it was all down to doing sudoku.


Robot wars

Remote bomb disposal, unmanned drones, robot "cheetahs": a UK thinktank hosted a discussion with author Christopher Coker about his book Warrior Geeks, which considers how technology is changing war.


Welcome aboard

Ellen Church, a nurse who harboured dreams of being a pilot, became the world's first air stewardess on this day in 1930. Ten years later, nylon stockings first went on sale in the US.


Swotting up

UK education secretary Michael Gove, who was left red-faced after it was discovered he had cited dodgy PR surveys as evidence for policy, was scheduled to speak in London, England. Let's hope he did his homework.


Join the food revolution

He trounced Turkey Twizzlers in Britain's schools but the US didn't take to his seven-vegetable sauce. Chef Jamie Oliver's Food Revolution Day is taking place today, with foodie events around the world.

NEXT WEEK - 18-24 MAY 2013


Europe united in song

Earplugs in: the Eurovision Song Contest final is to take place in Malmo, Sweden. But hang on, doesn't the backing singer for the Latvian entry look like the head of the geography department?


Mighty opponents

Don't try this at school, folks. The May Grand Sumo Tournament is in full swing in Tokyo, Japan. Wrestlers are fighting over two weeks, aiming for promotion to yokozuna, sumo's highest rank.


Stretch your legs

The simple act of walking to school is increasingly becoming a rarity rather than an everyday activity. Walk to School Week, which is part of National Walking Month, starts in the UK.


Born Free

A rare bird in the bush is worth more than two rare birds smuggled into Europe. In England, Prince Charles and Prince William will host a conference about stamping out the illegal trade in wildlife.


Expect an epic after-party

It has been described as "the epic conclusion to an incomparable odyssey of mayhem and bad decisions". No, not your teaching career - The Hangover Part III, which premieres in London's Leicester Square tonight.


Octogenarian glamour

Joan Collins, actor, author and star of a UK advertisement for a well-known chocolate bar, will celebrate her 80th birthday today. And she doesn't look a day over 60.


Break time

At last, it's the UK half-term holiday. It may have been six weeks since Easter but it feels like a lifetime. British teachers and their families can look forward to overpriced package tours and choked roads.

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