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What would you teach at Hogwarts?

Your workload's increasing, you've had enough of the constant reforms and the staffroom's just run out of coffee. But what's that coming through the window? It's an owl with an exciting new job offer – to pack in the Muggle life and come to teach at Hogwarts. But what magical subject would suit your professional skills best? Take our quiz below and find out...

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Describe your behaviour management style in three words:

a) Firm but fair

b) Fear and sarcasm

c) It's dead good

d) Gain their respect

e) Sense pupils' aura

f) Carefully controlled chaos

World Book Day


Which description best suits your teaching style?

a) Practical and traditional

b) My way or the highway

c) Lecture them into submission

d) Teacher-led, child-centred

e) Moments of brilliance, followed by long spells of winging it

f) Letting children discover what works

World Book Day


What's your long-term teaching ambition?

a) I'm happy in senior leadership

b) You'll see some changes when I'm in charge, mark my words

c) None. I'm here forever

d) Just to hang on to my job

e) I already know what's going to happen, so why fight it?

f) Middle leadership would suit me just fine

World Book Day


What's your biggest professional flaw?

a) Secret soft spot for mischief

b) Blatant favouritism

c) Not very lively

d) Absenteeism

e) I tend to drift off occasionally

f) I sometimes don't see if pupils are struggling

Behaviour management


Finally! How do you deal with conflict?

a) Head-on, taking a leadership role while protecting the children

b) Playing both sides and keeping my cards close to my chest

c) I don't

d) I live the values I want my pupils to follow

e) It usually triggers a need for meditation, or a trance-like state to avoid dealing with the issue

f) I can be a bit of a charmer

World Book Day


Your results:

Mostly a) Congratulations! You'll make a natural successor to Professor McGonagall in Transfiguration. Stern, but well respected and liked, you're likely to rise through the ranks quickly.

Mostly b) Hogwarts has been looking for a new Potions master or mistress for some time – and you fit the bill perfectly. You'll have your fans and your detractors in equal measure, but they won't know that everything you do is for their own good.

Mostly c) We've heard of people who are dying to teach at Hogwarts, but this is possibly a step too far. Anyway, with Professor Binns already a ghost, we're not even sure that Hogwarts would need another History of Magic teacher.

Mostly d) You've got the job...but we wouldn't suggest getting comfortable. Much like Professor Lupin, you'd make a perfect Defence Against the Dark Arts teacher. But, as you know, it's a fixed-term one-year position...

Mostly e) We suspect you saw this coming, but you'd be perfect for teaching Divination. Like Professor Trelawney, you have moments of greatness – but also tend to let the planning slide somewhat.

Mostly f) You've charmed your way into teaching – so it makes sense that you'd teach Charms. You encourage students to give things a go and work out what works. Even if that means they lose an eyebrow (or two...).


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