Eleanor Caldwell

Learning and Teaching Scotland stand B10

A new website from Learning and Teaching Scotland is to be launched at the SETT show on September 19 at 2.45pm with a hands-on session afterwards. The site offers support for planning, teaching and developing the 5-14 curriculum, focusing initially on the revised environmental studies guidelines and new ones for health education and information and communications technology studies. It has six channels offering teacher support and examples, with the emphasis on sharing good practice.

The classroom channel provides lesson plans, classroom activities and pupil materials from schools and authorities across Scotland. The resources channel saves teachers research time by accessing information collated by LTS evaluation teams. The discussion channel provides a forum for teacher and authority contacts, while website links to subject associations and research bodies are accessible through the links channel. The other two channels provide guidelines and planning tools. LT Scotland plans to develop the site to incorporate more curriculum areas.

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Eleanor Caldwell

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