It's no secret that schools in England are facing a recruitment crisis- teacher training applications are down and many schools are being forced to accept candidates without the required qualifications for teaching posts.

Unfortunately it's a systemic problem which is likely to get worse in the coming years, with a demographic bulge of higher pupil numbers moving like a wave upwards through the school system. There are simply not enough teachers to fill the roles and so schools are looking for alternative ways to fill the gaps.

Teaching assistants: an untapped resource?

Perhaps for headteachers part of the solution is right in front of them: Teaching assistants.

A recent survey conducted by Tes Institute showed that one in five Teaching Assistants already have a degree and are interested in gaining QTS. Scaled up, this could total around 75,000 potential trainee teachers

That’s an average of four potential new teachers per school.

They have the experience and qualifications – all they need now is the right development. That’s where Straight to Teaching comes in. It’s a personalised, high quality, low cost alternative to initial teacher training that will prepare your TAs to be assessed for Qualified Teacher Status (QTS) via our Assessment Only (AO) route.

The programme provides an alternative route to initial teacher training courses and is available across primary and secondary mainstream, independent, SEND and international schools teaching the English national curriculum.

Best of all, your TAs can qualify without leaving your school.

What criteria do your staff members need to meet?

Your staff must have some teaching experience already and hold the following qualifications in order to join the programme:

  • At least a grade C or level 4 at GCSE level in English and Mathematics (and Science for those intending to teach pupils aged 3-11) or equivalent
  • A degree from a UK higher education institution or equivalent qualification from outside the UK, or be in the final year of completing one

How can Straight to Teaching help your school?

Our QTS preparation programme will help your school by helping you:

  • Grow and retain your own high-quality teachers at a low cost
  • Address and take control of your teacher shortages
  • Provide staff with more professional development opportunities
  • Develop existing staff whilst they continue to work in school
  • Upskill existing staff and promote from within

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Comments from other school leaders:

Brilliant programme, intensive training, with hands on support and direction. Creating the best classroom practitioners.

Simon Lomax, Principal, Nuneaton Academy


Straight to Teaching has enabled us to retain a valued member of staff for which we a very grateful. The children have also benefited from having a trainee who is motivated, enthusiastic and being well supported to be the best she can be.

Matthew Fuller, Headteacher, Woodhall Primary


It is an excellent way to train aspiring teachers and develop TAs into teachers. It has helped with recruitment and retention immensely.

Melvyn Tatters, Headteacher, West Brook Primary


Excellent training program, we have since moved away from SCITT, School Direct and ITT routes in favour of Straight to Teaching.

Celia Everitt, Assistant Principal, Blue Coat Academy