Grow Your Own Qualified Teachers

Help your valuable school staff achieve QTS without them leaving your school

Help your staff gain QTS with Straight to Teaching

Take control of your teaching shortages by helping your existing school staff achieve Qualified Teacher Status (QTS) while they continue to work in your school. Straight to Teaching will help you to retrain and upskill suitable members of your school through a tailored QTS preparation and assessment programme.

Straight to Teaching provides an alternative route to initial teacher training courses for staff such as unqualified teachers, teaching assistants and cover supervisors. Available in primary and secondary mainstream, independent, SEND and international schools teaching the English national curriclum, this professional development course is tailor made based on their existing teaching experience.

What does the school need to provide?

The school will need to provide the teacher with sufficient teaching hours and classroom time, as well as a suitable school mentor that is familiar with initial teacher training and the Teachers’ Standards. TES Institute will support both the teacher and mentor through a dedicated Pathway Tutor who will be acquainted with

How can Straight to Teaching help your school?

Our QTS preparation programme will help your school by helping you:

  • Grow and retain your own high-quality teachers at a low cost
  • Address and take control of your teacher shortages
  • Provide staff with more professional development opportunities
  • Develop existing staff whilst they continue to work in school
  • Upskill existing staff and promote from within


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“Straight to Teaching has given me the opportunity to start my teaching career. The support I received from my tutor and her colleagues at TES Institute has been first class. They have provided me with all the tools I need to succeed and gain my QTS.” Straight to Teaching Participant 

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