Why Tes Institute?

We're here to help you progress at every stage of your teaching career. By offering the best of online and face-to-face learning through flexible, personalised training and qualifications, we can help you to keep growing and making a difference.

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By your side, every step of the way

We’ve worked with educators and schools for over 100 years, in fact, many of us are former educators, so we understand the challenges and the rewards of the sector like none other. Whether you’re just starting out, or you've reached the top, you can rely on our expertise to help you positively impact teaching and learning in your school.

As an accredited leading teacher training provider in England, we've already:

  • Qualified 3,131 teachers

  • Supported 3,039 schools*

  • Delivered over 4.3 million hours of subject knowledge learning**

  • Supported schools and staff in 123 countries 

You, your staff and your school could be next!


Our courses are crafted from the ground up by passionate teachers with global, hands-on teaching experience who strive to constantly improve the course content in line with the latest evidence and research – so you can feel confident that they're right for you and your school.

From training for teaching assistants to courses leading to qualified teacher status (QTS), Subject Knowledge Enhancement and Master's level qualifications, our wide range of courses support educators at every level.

From trusted support staff and passionate graduates to confident teachers and leaders, our unique approach allows learners to study in their own time, learning from their peers as well as from highly experienced tutors. 

Pathway tutors

On many of our courses you'll be assigned a personal pathway tutor who will work with and support you throughout your course. Most of our pathway tutors have over 10 years of teaching experience and have worked in leadership positions. They will tailor your course to your needs, so all the work you complete will be relevant to your learning and development.


We work with our partners to help attract, train, develop and retain world-class teachers to improve more children's lives through education and to help raise global education standards.


We're proud to say that we've passed the Department's for Education's (DfE's) rigorous re-accreditation process and are an approved provider of Initial Teacher Training (ITT) programmes for September 2024 and beyond. We received a ‘Good’ rating in our latest Ofsted inspection in both our primary and secondary phases.

* Database of trainee teachers and providers and internal data (Salesforce), December 2022.
** Curatr, 2022.