Harry Fletcher-Wood & Sam Sims

How to ensure effective CPD in schools


A decade ago, a consensus formed as to what effective professional development for teachers looked like. In 2018, Harry Fletcher-Wood and Sam Sims argued in Tes why they thought that consensus was mistaken. Now they’re back to tell you what you should be doing instead

Professional development: How to ensure effective teacher CPD in schools

Most teachers want to be better teachers; they want to improve. But most teachers are also rightly sceptical about some of the ways in which they’re asked to improve.

Last year, a Teacher Tapp poll found that free food for teachers was as popular a proposal as three days’ professional development (PD) of their choice, while a visualiser or an extra free period every week were substantially more popular.

There’s no question that teacher PD gets a bad rap. But is that fair?

We have good evidence that, on average, PD helps teachers to improve. But the effects are variable, and our ...

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