Dan Worth

Long Covid: what teachers need to know


Students who go on to develop persistent symptoms following a coronavirus infection will need considerable support from teaching staff – especially as their condition may result in an ongoing drop in attendance and an inability to access education in the usual way. Yet there is a real danger that some schools may not take post-Covid-19 syndrome seriously, says Dan Worth

Long Covid: what teachers need to know

It starts with Laura missing just a couple of lessons here and there. But slowly, the absences creep up until she is regularly off sick for whole days and is missing significant amounts of learning. Nobody can get to the bottom of what is wrong: medical diagnosis is slow and uncertain, support ideas are sporadic, the school is left to make do and try things out to see if they work.

The situation drifts, tensions rise, relationships between school and home become strained, and Laura’s education suffers.

Experienced leaders may be thinking Laura has ME. After all, this pattern of events ...

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