John Cunnane

Tes Quiz: 10 September 2021

Pit your wits against Tes’ weekly general knowledge quiz

Tes Quiz: 10 September 2021

1. The Testaments is a sequel to which Margaret Atwood novel?

2. Which South American statesman was president of six countries, one of which is named after him?

3. How many players are there in a water polo team?

4. What spirit forms the base of a daiquiri cocktail?

5. Uzbekistan and which Western European country are the only double-landlocked countries in the world?

6. Who played Lex Luthor in the 1978 Superman film?

7. The belted Galloway is a breed of which farm animal?

8. Salvatore Ferragamo was a famous designer of which fashion item?

9. Which is the smallest of ...

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