Melvyn Roffe

Trips abroad give students access to the world

At a time when education is at risk of becoming dangerously solipsistic, it’s vital that we open our eyes to other cultures by giving every young person the opportunity to travel overseas, writes Melvyn Roffe

Trips abroad offer more than you know

When I was a young teacher, an elderly gentleman lived on his own at the other end of my street. He had taught languages at a large boarding school for many years. We had moved into our house after our wedding and he brought us a present: a second-hand cast-iron pot (none too clean) and a cookery book by Constance Spry.

Through a series of irregular chats on the street and the occasional visit to his gorgeous but spectacularly decrepit 17th-century house, we got to know each other. He had many stories about his career. Some were hair-raising, some implausible, but all were funny and told ...

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