Gemma Clark

We need to teach our teachers about feminism

We may kid ourselves that we live in a utopia of equality but gender oppression is still a problem in the classroom, writes teacher and researcher Gemma Clark. Educating our educators about sexism and toxic masculinity would go a long way towards making schools safer, more inclusive places for everyone

We need to teach our teachers about feminism

Feminism has been defined in popular internet memes as “the radical notion that women are people”. Yet this movement for the liberation of girls and women is still misunderstood. Indeed, studies have shown that many teenage girls are keen to distance themselves from feminism because they perceive it as “man-hating” and “ugly” (as Danielle Giffort noted in her 2011 essay “Show or tell? Feminist dilemmas and implicit feminism at girls’ rock camp”).

In 2021, there are still a range of gender injustices that affect mostly girls but also boys. If teachers had a better understanding of feminism ...

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