Alex Quigley

Why changing the curriculum never works


Everyone’s talking about curriculum right now. In England, Ofsted has made it a priority under the new inspection regime. Reforms are proposed in Wales, and in Scotland the debate about Curriculum for Excellence rages on. But what people aren’t talking about is the fact that existing research suggests curriculum reform is likely doomed to failure. Alex Quigley explains why transforming the curriculum is such a risky business

Why a changing curriculum never works

In schools across England, the “c” word now dominates. It dictates staff meetings, permeates senior leadership vision documents, underpins teacher training days and guides planning sessions. It has burrowed deep into the psyche of the nation’s teachers.

In Wales, schools are just at the beginning of this transformation. In Scotland, it has been like this for some time already.

And yet, despite all this talk about curriculum – prompted by an Ofsted focus on it in England, the proposed transformation of it in Wales and the long-held debates on Curriculum for Excellence in Scotland – one ...

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