How to build a curriculum - a Tes guide 2019

How to build a curriculum - a Tes guide 2019

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A comprehensive three part collection of more than 30 feature articles covering the theory, the practice and what other schools around the UK are doing. 

Part one: the theory, includes:

  • Mark Priestley on what curriculum is
  • Michael Young on knowledge-rich curricula
  • Ninni Wahlströ​m on why teacher choice is crucial 
  • Wayne Hugo on what humans need to know
  • Vivian Hinchcliffe on SEND and personalised learning...and six more articles


Part two: theory meets practice, includes:

  • Mark Enser on interpreting theory
  • Clare Sealing on the primary problem
  • Megan Mansworth on the three questions to ask yourself about content
  • Nicky Clements on EYFS being its own beast
  • Simon Knight on developing the curriculum for SEND... and four more articles


Part three: what the schools are doing, includes:

  • Jon Hutchinson on knowldge-rich implementation
  • Rae Snape on putting relationships front and centre
  • Ruth Luzmore on the transdisciplinary model
  • Stef Edwards on where knowledge meets experience
  • Richard Kieran on using Mantle of the Expert
  • Richard Kueh on vocabulary over skills...and ten more articles

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