'Extremely' vulnerable teachers can return to work

All staff to return to school when blanket national lockdown restrictions come to an end next week, DfE says

Amy Gibbons

Coronavirus: Extremely vulnerable teachers can return to school next week, says the DfE

Teachers classed as "clinically extremely vulnerable" have been told they can return to work under the government's reformed triple-tier coronavirus restrictions.

When the second national lockdown came into force, extremely vulnerable school staff were advised to work from home.

But guidance updated by the Department for Education today states that, from 2 December, when blanket national restrictions come to an end and the new triple-tier system is introduced, "all staff can continue to attend school in all three local restriction tiers".

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The DfE guidance states: "Advice for those identified through a letter from the NHS or a specialist doctor as in the group deemed clinically extremely vulnerable (CEV or shielding list) was published on 13 October. The guidance provides advice on what additional measures individuals in this group can take, tailored to each local restriction tier.

"All staff can continue to attend school in all three local restriction tiers."

But the guidance adds that, in Tier 3 areas, staff and employers "may wish to discuss flexibilities that support clinically extremely vulnerable staff, such as staggered start times to reduce travel during rush hour".

"In the future, the government will only reintroduce formal restrictive shielding advice in some areas in Tier 3: Very High alert, where this has been advised by the chief medical officer, and only for a limited period of time," it states. 

"The government will write to individuals to inform them if they are advised to follow formal shielding and not attend the workplace."

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