A levels: Free schools are top state performers

Pupils in 16-19 free schools achieved the best A-level results in the state sector, new DfE data reveals

A levels: Students at free schools achieved the highest average point score in the state sector

Free schools were the highest-performing state school type at A level this summer, according to new provisional data published by the Department for Education.

A level

The average point score in age 16-19 free schools at A level was 37.57, equating to a grade B-, making this type the highest-performing school type in the sector. Free schools catering for age 11-18 achieved a lower average point score.

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Independent schools were the highest-achieving school type overall at A level, with an average point score of 40.92, equating to a grade B.

The average point score for A-level entry has increased year-on-year since 2016. In 2019, the average score at A level was 33.77 compared with 33.05 last year. The APS per entry expressed as a grade remained stable at C+.


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