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As a qualified teacher with extra responsibilities you could be entitled to a bit extra in your pay packet. Find out the latest on TLR and SEN allowance payments

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College teacher should be paid at least £30,000 a year, one principal has written

Teachers in state schools are usually paid according to the teaching pay scales, but your salary can be 'topped up' with a teaching and learning responsibility (TLR) payment.

Click here for a PDF with the teacher pay scales and TLR payments (2019-20)

TLRs are paid if you've taken on added responsibility, such as head of year, or head of department. When you are paid a TLR you receive additional payment above your standard salary. 

NB: The figures in this article are based on the 2019-20 teaching pay scales, and do not yet take into account the recent 3.1 per cent pay rise announced by the Government in July 2020. 

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Different types of TLRs

TLR payments fall into three categories. TLR1 and TLR2 are awarded to teachers undertaking sustained additional responsibility. TLR3 payments are awarded for teachers who are taking on a time-limited school improvement project or one-off responsibility.

TLR1 payments range from £8,069 - £13,654
TLR2 payments range from £2,796 - £6,829
TLR3 payments range from £555 - £2,757

Do I qualify for a TLR payment?

To get an TLR2 payment, teachers have to show they have a specific responsibility, which focuses on teaching and learning and needs professional skills and judgment. This responsibility must be one that exceeds that of the standard classroom teacher and it should be clearly defined in your job description.

Usually, teachers are promoted to a position that has a TLR attached to it. When a job is advertised, the TLR payment will be stated in the advert.

In order to qualify for a larger TLR1 payment you must meet all the criteria for TLR2 as well as being a line manager for a significant number of people.

It is not possible for a teacher to receive both a TLR1 and TLR2, but it is possible for a teacher to receive a TLR1 or TLR2 and a TLR3.

Will I also be given extra PPAs if I have a TLR ?

If you have a TLR1 or 2, then schools will also give you extra PPAs in order to complete your role. The amount of extra PPA you get will depend on the role, and is down to the discretion of the school.

Special educational needs (SEN) allowances

Classroom teachers who teach pupils with special education needs are entitled to an additional allowance.

Those who work in a special school, work in a post that requires a SEN qualification or teach pupils in designated special classes are entitled to an allowance.

SEN payments range from £2,209 - £4,359

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Please note: Figures shown are for 2019/20, and are revised annually. The pay scales listed apply to teachers employed by a local authority or by the governing body of a foundation, voluntary aided or foundation special school. Academies and free schools are not legally required to implement the pay scales, so it is best to request to see their own pay policy.

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