Quote, unquote

Ages 8 to 11

Here is a fabulous way to generate teamwork and confidence among your pupils, bring out the little researcher in them and, at the same time, develop their technology skills.

Depending on the resources available, have pupils work in pairs or small groups. Give each team a card with a particular word or theme written on it, such as courage, friendship or happiness.

Have them research a selection of quotations on the internet, based on their particular theme.

Then develop their word processing skills and creativity by encouraging them to use interesting fonts to type their quotations or create posters.

At the end of the lesson, the children can discuss their topic and share research.

Display their work in class. Alternatively, a class book called The Complete Works of Key Stage 2, 2007, can be made with inspiring quotes from famous people and ones the pupils have made up

Cindy Silvester is a supply teacher and teaches key stages 1 and 2 throughout Greater Manchester

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