SQA results 2019: Key statistics

There’s a lot of data to trawl through today, so here we highlight some of the most significant figures

Emma Seith

Under the magnifying glass: key statistics from SQA results day 2019

133,000+ – number of candidates receiving results certificates today

60,000+ – number of candidates receiving their results by text or email. This is still only around 45 per cent of the total, which might come as a surprise to those who consider these pupils digital natives.

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79.4% – the Advanced Higher pass rate. Down from 80.5 per cent last year and 81.7 per cent in 2016.

74.8% – the Higher pass rate. Down from 76.8 per cent last year and 79.2 per cent when the new Higher was first introduced in 2015.

78.2% – the National 5 pass rate. Up from 77.4 per cent last year but down from 81.1 per cent when the qualification was first introduced in 2014.

88.5% – the National 4 attainment rate. Down from 91.1 per cent last year and 93 per cent when the qualification was first introduced in 2014.

23,460 – entries at Advanced Higher. Down from 24,331 last year and 23,795 in 2016.

185,914 – entries at Higher. Down from 191,951 last year and 197,774 in 2016 the first year the old Higher was totally phased out.

288,552 – entries at N5. Up from 281,785 last year but down on 295,083 entries in 2016, the first year the old qualifications had been completely phased out.

95,870 – entries at N4 (excluding recognising positive achievement). Up from 95,119 last year.

8,996 – N4 awards as a result of recognising positive achievement, down from 10,914 last year (RPA is due to be phased out next year)

73.2% – pass rate for Higher English. Down from 75.9 per cent last year.

86.3% – pass rate for N5 English. Up from 84.8 per cent last year.

72.4% – pass rate for Higher maths. Down from 74.5 per cent last year.

65.5% – pass rate for N5 maths. Up from 64.7 per cent last year.

80% – increase in uptake of N5 practical maths course applications of mathematics. Up from 2,482 entries in 2018 to 4,458 entries this year.

44,744 – total number of SQA awards, National Progression Awards and National Certificates attained. Up from 33,931 in 2015.

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Emma Seith

Emma Seith

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