When I can resit my GCSEs?

Here are all the exam boards' full GCSE timetables for November 2019

Kate Parker

GCSE resits results day: grade boundaries revealed

GCSE results day can be overwhelming, underwhelming or just plain terrifying. 

Sometimes, results are unexpected and can lead to questions around GCSE resits. If you're unsure about whether or not you'll have to resit GCSE English and maths – or any other subject – we've got all the advice you need here

If you know you'll be headed back into the exam hall in November, it can be a daunting prospect. What dates will they be on? Are they morning or afternoon exams? Will any clash? 

Background: Exam timetables and key dates for the 2019 GCSEs

Opinion: GCSEs: Why the 'one-size-fits-all' approach must end

News: How to hold a GCSE exam for 3,700 students

With five different exam boards across the UK, finding the various dates and times can be hugely time-consuming. Here, we've gathered all the GCSE timetables for November. 


Monday 4 November – Monday 11 November 

4 November: English Language Paper 1 Fiction and imaginative writing

5 November: Mathematics Paper 1 Non-calculator foundation and higher tier 

6 November: English Language Paper 2: Non-fiction and transactional writing 

7 November: Mathematics Paper 2: Calculator foundation and higher tier 

11 November: Mathematics Paper 3: Calculator foundation and higher tier 


Monday 4 November – Monday 11 November

4 November: English Language: Communicating information and ideas

5 November: Mathematics: Paper 1 (foundation) and Mathematics: Paper 4 (higher)

6 November: English Language: Exploring effects and impact 

7 November: Mathematics: Paper 2 (foundation) and Mathematics: Paper 5 (higher)

11 November: Mathematics: Paper 3 (foundation) and Mathematics: Paper 6 (higher)


Monday 4 November – Monday 11 November 

4 November: English Language Paper 1

5 November: Mathematics Paper 1 (non-calculator) foundation and higher

6 November: English Language Paper 2

7 November: Mathematics Paper 2 (calculator) foundation and higher, Functional Mathematics Level 1 and Level 2

8 November: Functional English Level 1 Reading (both paper-based and on screen),  Functional English Level 2 Reading (both paper-based and on screen), Functional English Level 1 Writing (both paper-based and on screen),  Functional English Level 2 Writing (both paper-based and on screen)

11 November: Mathematics paper 3 (calculator)


Monday 4 November – Wednesday 13 November 

4 November: English language unit 2 (Wales), English language component 1 (EDUQAS) 

5 November: Mathematics numeracy unit 1 foundation, intermediate and higher tier (Wales), Mathematics component 1 foundation and higher (EDUQAS)

6 November: English language unit 3 (Wales), English language component 2 (EDUQAS)

7 November: Mathematics numeracy unit 2 foundation, intermediate and higher Tier (Wales), Mathematics component 2 foundation and higher (EDUQAS)

8 November: Welsh language unit 2 (Wales)

11 November: Mathematics unit 1 foundation, intermediate and higher Tier (Wales)

12 November: Welsh language unit 3 (Wales)

13 November: Mathematics unit 2 foundation, intermediate and higher Tier (Wales)


Wednesday 6 November – Friday 8 November

6 November: DAS Biology unit 1 foundation and higher, SAS Biology unit 2 foundation and higher

7 November: DAS Chemistry unit 1, foundation and higher, SAD Chemistry unit 2, foundation and higher

8 November: DAS physics unit 1, foundation and higher, DAS physics unit 3 foundation and higher

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