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Everything starts as the gem of an idea, and sometimes, those ideas build into something that changes our lives.  Mobile phones, vaccines and your favourite film all started as an idea. 

But when you’ve had your ‘Cracking Idea’, how do you ensure that you are recognised for your hard work?  Intellectual Property Rights protect these ‘creations of mind’, such as inventions, literary & artistic works, designs, logos and images.  That protection includes patents, registered designs, trade marks and copyright.  All these can be registered and protected by the UK Intellectual Property Office.

Cracking Ideas by the Intellectual Property Offices aims to foster creativity and innovation in young people.  Through free classroom packs, competition and games we aim to bring creative invention and discussion into the classroom. 

Why creativity matters in every subject

Why creativity matters in every subject

In this episode of the Tes podcast, we talk to school leaders and an inventor about the benefits of taking a cross-curricular approach to creativity and how schools can embed it in every subject
27 Oct 2022

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